Created in the lab, the profiline products by VOIGT were intended to improve both their efficiency and effectiveness. These products enriched with advanced technology improve the quality of the provided services, facilitate the work of cleaning companies while reducing costs. The introduction of a number of innovations to these products is the result of changes in the cleaning market, with greater reliance on modern finishing materials and an increase in the awareness and the requirements of the customers.


Pleasant scents
In accordance with the prevailing trends in the cleaning market, many VOIGT products have been enriched with modern fragrances, which in some cases also help to neutralize smells. Aromatic components have also been added to those products intended to achieve deep cleaning, where it can be very difficult to neutralize the intense smell of the chemical components.

Anti-Fingerprint technology
This technology has been implemented to improve the cleaning of office areas, especially in those places where the surfaces are
exposed to the most common type of grime – fingerprints. Those surfaces washed with a preparation containing our Anti-Fingerprint
technology are additionally protected against unwanted finger and palm prints.

Anti-Stone technology
Effectively delays the deposition of calcium tarnish and facilitates the cleaning process of toilet and bathroom accessories. In addition,
this technology prevents the occurrence of streaks and stains.

Anti-Fog technology
The task of Anti-Fog technology is surface protection against water vapour. This phenomenon is particularly visible and burdensome
in bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity. Therefore, Anti-Fog technology is added value for products intended for cleaning
windows and mirrors.

Active oxygen technology
The properties of active oxygen when used in cleaning products results in highly effective support for the cleaning process. It has the
ability to oxidize dirt particles, helping the other components in the product to reduce grime.

ESD certificate
This symbol means that the specified product holds the ESD certificate (Eng. ElectroStatic Discharge). Studies have been carried
out in accordance with International Standards: CEI-IEC 61340-5-1: 2009 – Static electricity, meaning that the cleaning agents do not
change the antistatic properties of surfaces.

Antislip certificate
This symbol means that the specified product is certified in accordance with the requirements of the standards: EN 13036-4 and DIN
18032/2. Antislip properties are required for cleaning products used, in particular, for any sports surfaces or public facilities where
there is a risk of slipping: supermarkets, train stations, airports, and warehouses

A modern technology based on silicon nanoparticles. Surfaces being cleaned are modified to become hydrophilic – meaning that water
drains freely off the surfaces. The surfaces, which themselves contain silicon (e.g. glass, ceramics), are subject to modification such that
they repel grime and make them easier to clean in the future.

Teflon surface protector ®
Thanks to the application of Teflon surface protector, the cleaned surfaces are protected from the re-deposition of dirt, hence making it much easier to keep them clean. Teflon is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company, FC, LLC., used by PPUH VOIGT Sp. z o.o. under license.

Ecolabel certificate
The EU Ecolabel ecological labelling is a major, official European honour, awarded to those products that meet higher environmental
standards. Ecolabel was established in 1992, and this European ecological mark on products indicates that they are less harmful to the
environment than similar products over the entire life cycle of the product.