Switching to biodegradable cleaning products is not only cost-effective, ethical but also inevitable. The government of many highly developed countries that feel responsible for their natural environment will introduce new regulations encouraging the use of eco products.


All our products have Health Quality Certificates and are also, Ecolabel Certified. We are not environmentally friendly just because we say so. Voigt products have been tested and certified by domestic and international authorities that set the environmental protection standards.


Most of our products are concentrates – less harmful to the environment in the working solution. Raw materials are biodegradable according to EC 648/2004 – which is specified in the safety data sheet in point 15.1.


15.1 Safety, health and environmental regulations specific to the substance or mixture:

Candidates for authorization according to Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACH).

Substances present in Annex XIV REACH (list of authorizations) and expiry date.


Regulation (EC) No 1005/2009 on substances that deplete the ozone layer: No data available

Article 95, REGULATION (EU) NO 528/2012 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL: Propan-2-ol (Groups 1, 2, 4).


REGULATION (EU) No 649/2012 concerning the export and import of dangerous chemicals.


Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 on detergents, as amended:

According to this regulation, the product meets the following criteria:

The surfactants contained in this mixture meet the biodegradability criterion from Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 on products purity. Data that confirm this statement are at the disposal of the relevant authorities of the member countries and will be given to them made available on direct request or request of a cleaning agent manufacturer.

Products do not contain phosphates, aldehydes or petroleum solvents of the benzene type.


What would you say to be ethical in your cleaning business and in the top of this to save approximately 45% of your current cleaning products expenses by switching to us?