Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting Agents

What distinguishes our product on the market is the fact that our agents have both washing and disinfecting properties, thanks to the unique Voigt’s formula. Only very few manufacturers in the world combine cleaning and disinfecting functions in one cleaning agent. You do not need to use two different agents for washing and disinfecting. Our products guarantee both washing and disinfecting effect at the same time.

–      Washing: highly concentrated cleaning chemicals based on Nano-Technologies that protecting surfaces against the re-deposition of dirt.

–      Disinfecting: professional and certified chemicals with a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal spectrum of action.

All our products have been COSHH assessed and have Health Quality Certificates, and are also Ecolabel Certified. We are not environmentally friendly just because we say so. Voigt products have been tested and certified by domestic and international authorities that set the environmental protection standards.

Ready to Use Agents:


  • Liquid, alcoholic disinfecting and cleaning agent, based on quaternary ammonia compounds with germicidal, included Tbc, and fungicidal properties
  • Anti-bacterial agent for cleaning sanitary rooms and facilities
  • Dermatologically tested and certified
  • Kills bacteria & viruses


Dezopol – Med VC 410R 0.6L

Disinfecting and washing agent with bactericidal and fungicidal effect

Ready to use disinfecting and washing agent based on quaternary ammonium compounds with bacillicidal and fungicidal activity (in the yeasticidal range). It shows active biocidal knitting.
It has no odour, does not affect the surface, does not cause corrosion, does not damage painted surfaces.


Epidemed Septic 5L is recommended for refilling hand sanitiser dozen systems.

Disinfectant with bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects. It is intended for disinfecting hands and for disinfecting various surfaces, materials, types of equipment and furniture. It is recommended for use in private, industrial, public facilities, food industry and healthcare facilities outside the clinical area.

Concentrated Agents:


Disinfecting and washing preparation with bactericidal and fungicidal effect


A disinfecting and washing agent with bactericidal and fungicidal effect

It is recommended for use in health care and veterinary facilities. It is intended to wash and disinfect surfaces not contaminated with organic substances, floors, waterproof walls and equipment. Suitable for the food industry. Recommended for use in dairy, fruit and vegetable, meat and fish processing plants. It is recommended in the brewing industry. Recommended for use in gastronomy, kitchens and restaurants. The product cannot be used to disinfect surfaces in contact with food or animal feed.


It is disinfecting and washing preparation with a full spectrum of action.

Liquid cleaning and disinfecting preparation based on quaternary ammonium compounds. It has a spectrum of activity: fungicidal (in terms of yeast-like fungi), bactericidal, mycobactericidal and virucidal, also against the H3N8 and H5N1 avian influenza virus. It has an active biocidal effect. It does not adversely affect disinfected surfaces.

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